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Responsive design
Customized WordPress Backend
Custom Plugins
Custom post types
Different article types (video, audio, text)
Events calendar
Social media integration
Secure sign up and login process
Widgetized homescreen
Google Analytics
Digital user manual and video tutorials
Hosting and support

Background information

The prnow.eu website is a showcase of all aspects of the communication sector. Authors from all European countries can collaborate and post articles about subjects that are related to the communications field.

The website is the brain child of Betteke van Ruler, author of ‘Communication NOW’ a must read for all Dutch communication professionals, students and scholars. The communication NOW book is shaped as a magazine, to make it accessible for everyone. With that in mind Betteke came up with the idea for prnow.eu, it is similar to the Communication NOW book, but digital and European oriented.

In collaboration with Iekje Smit the idea of this project was further developed. I initially started working on this website as a school project. The result was a drupal website that I designed and developed in collaboration with a classmate. The result was a demo website that was presented on the Euprera 2015 conference in Oslo. The project was received with lots of enthusiasm and 21 authors from 14 European countries signed up to collaborate on this project.

That is when I was contacted by Iekje to develop and maintain a new website with WordPress CMS that can be easily used by all the different authors.

Project overview

The prnow.eu is a magazine/blog shaped website with articles that are divided between different countries and topics. Visitors have the opportunity to search articles based on the country or topic they belong to.

The WordPress backend is completely customized to the different user roles (editors, authors etc.). I wrote several custom WordPress plugins to create a smooth user experience for all website users. To assist the authors and editors I created a comprehensive digital manual that offers step-by-step directions and video tutorials to get them acquainted with WordPress. I also streamlined and secured the sign up and login process.

In January 2016 the first batch of authors will start working on articles to publish on the website. Later that year the website will be officially launched. I will keep working on this website and providing hosting, technical support and offering help with the WordPress backend to all the Authors.